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Syllabus 7th grade


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English Syllabus Grade 7

Mr. Anderson

Email: janderson @ montrose.k12.mo.us

Phone: 660-693-4812 ext. 3238

Plan period: 4th hour 10:50-11:25



Seventh-grade English is designed to have the students read fiction and non-fiction materials, write and revise papers, develop speaking and listening skills, and learn to use appropriate technology and technological sources. It is aligned with the Missouri Learning Standards and involves taking a state assessment exam towards the end of the school year.



Holt McDougal Literature Series—literature textbook

Language Network—writing textbook

Novels, short stories, plays, computer resources—supplemental materials



Look at the Montrose district website for my bio, helpful links, this syllabus. I will add links to the website as the year progresses.



Most everything we do will be found in Google Classroom which is linked to the web-based instructional resource Aristotle. This is a work-in-progress and my learning curve is steep. There is a parent signup within Google Classroom that allows parents to view assignments and due dates. All who are interested should sign up. Ask your student for details on how to do that or send me an email.



The school handbook takes care of the rules and expectations for classes. Tardys, grading policy, dress code, and the such are all dealt with in the handbook. All assignments will be turned in electronically this year and Google Classroom requires me to put a due date and time. Google Classroom time stamps all submitted work. 


New Late Work Policy:

The School has adopted a late work policy. If an assignment is more than two days late, the most it can earn is 75%. If an assignment is more than four days late, the most it can earn is 50%.



Textbooks and novels:

I plan to read the novels I Heard the Owl Call My Name, Hatchet, and The Time Machine at least. We may read others. I also want to read a selection of Science Fiction short stories, too. Our writings will be focused upon beginning to write in response to what we have read along with interpretations of written material. We will also address academic researching and how that is different from other kinds of researching. We will begin to create a common vocabulary for the discussion and interpretation of written material. Finally, we will talk about how to create and deliver all sorts of presentations and the expectations of the audience watching those presentations.  


Book reviews. Each quarter, each student is to read a book of his/her choice outside of the classroom. There will be no class time devoted to the completion of this assignment—no “reading Fridays” or any other class time devoted to the reading of self-chosen, pleasure reading books. Once the book is read, students are to log in the Accelerated Reader Program and take the quiz for their book. Students need to earn each quarter at least the minimum amount of points scheduled for them within the program.


Let’s have a fun, safe, healthy school year. Go Bluejays!